The roots of traditional Chinese medicine can be dated  back to the past for several thousand years. According to Chinese medicine and its philosophy, the secret of our health lies within us and in the environment surrounding us.alohotube Chinese medicine is paying attention to our mental and physical condition, our diet, and the complex  health of the person. It´s primary mission is to give preference to prevention  above treatment. The second important aspect of natural Chinese medicine is to stop developing the current state of health problem.  Both of these approaches form the Chinese concept of health, also known as the “Longevity Culture”. Global longevity research shows that 3 out of 5 regions with the highest average life expectancy are regions where Chinese culture is present or China originates. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the harmony between ying and yang, and on the theory of five elements, which, according to the assumption of traditional Chinese medicine, says that all nature and the universe consist of five elements:  earth, metal, water, wood and fire. Everything that exists can be assigned to one of them. Many of the TIENS supplements are based on this five-elements  theory. However, TIENS not only draws on the richness of traditional Chinese medicine and its philosophy but also combines it with the latest innovations in biotechnology. TIENS has developed a comprehensive program to maintain a good physical and psychological state with dietary supplements consisting of four steps: cleansing, supplying, strengthening and balancing.

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